Australia For Ever [poem, 21 January 1895]

[Editor: This poem was published in The Barrier Miner, 21 January 1895.]

Australia For Ever

Firmly we stand on our native land,
Washed by Southern waters,
Heart to heart and hand to hand,
Australia’s sons and daughters.
And this be our pride, whatever betide
The foeman shall conquer us never;
Should it come to the sword, we’ll trust in the Lord,
And shout “Australia for ever.”

Others may claim a more ancient name,
A name that is famous in story;
May boast of the dead and the blood they have shed,
We ask not such dearly earned glory.
Though our land be but young, yet from freemen we sprung,
And this is our earnest endeavor,
To raise up her fame, sing success to her name,
And shout “Australia for ever.”

We may not have wealth, but we’ve vigor and health,
And surely they’re good compensation;
For by them we’ll rise till our bright Southern skies
Look down on a glorious nation
And this be our motto, till hillside and grotto
Shall ring with the noble endeavor,
Till valley and plain shall take up the strain,
And shout “Australia for ever.”

Should the foeman’s strong hand be raised ’gainst our land,
We’ll rise to a man to defend it;
Though their numbers be more, we’d shrink not from the war,
But fight till our valor should end it.
Though we have not a fleet such invaders to meet,
And baffle by stratagem clever,
Yet our soldiers, though few, are brave men and true,
And their motto’s “Australia for ever.”

January 17.
F. S. Lewin.

The Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW), Monday 21 January 1895, page 3

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