A Child’s Smile [by “Southern Cross”, 1944]

[Editor: This booklet of poetry by “Southern Cross” was published in 1944. As this publication did not have a contents page, a list of the contents has been provided so as to enable easier access to the text.]

A Child’s Smile, by “Southern Cross”, 1944, front cover, 450h

A Child’s Smile

Eight Poems

By “Southern Cross”

Cherish Them

Heaven’s Gate

Shining Curls

Little Maid

Happy Childhood


Babies’ Trust

Little Son

F. H. Johnston Publishing Company
34 Jamieson Street, Sydney

Southern Cross, A Child’s Smile, Sydney: F. H. Johnston Publishing Company, [1944]

Editor’s notes:
As this publication did not include pagination, the page numbers given here have been counted from the front cover (inclusive).
Although this booklet includes no year of publication, the National Library of Australia lists its year of production as 1944.
The earliest mention of this booklet which could be located was in The Methodist (Sydney, NSW), 23 December 1944, p. 9.
The identity of “Southern Cross” has been attributed to Jesse Collings, as well as to Mrs. E. E. Hill.

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