Two Little Hands [poem by L. E. Homfray, 22 March 1934]

[Editor: This poem by L. E. Homfray was published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 March 1934.]

Two Little Hands.

Two little hands, at break of day,
Smooth the lines off my tired face,
Two little arms encircle me,
Folding me close in Love’s embrace.

Two little helpless clinging hands,
Soft, and dimpled, and Oh! so small.
Yet, in the wondrous power of love
Holding our hearts in willing thrall.

Sorrows and fears, and anxious cares
Gather darkly around my door.
Then, in the touch of baby hands
Healing and hope come back once more.

Two little hands so soft and small,
What is the magic chain you hold,
Binding two severed hearts in one
After the fires of love grow cold.


The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), 22 March 1934, p. 10 of the “Women’s Supplement”

Also published in:
The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers’ Advocate (Parramatta, NSW), 26 April 1934, p. 14

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