[’Tis Certain as Sin] [poem, 21 April 1901]

[Editor: A poem (possibly by “Dryblower” Murphy) published in the “Variety Vamps and Sunday Satires” column in The West Australian Sunday Times, 21 April 1901.]

[’Tis Certain as Sin]

China cable: “Sir E. V. Satow, the British Ambassador, finds it impossible to deal with the mendacious Li Hung Chang.” Apropos of this a London paper recently stated that “Li Hung Chang’s father, while commanding a large number of soldiers, was found out in a falsehood by the present Emperor’s grandfather, who had the offender hung up by the heels until he died in terrible agony.” The fan-tan tom-tom, please:—

’Tis certain as sin that Satow’s bete noir
From the loins of the tortured one sprang,
And as capital punishment’s rife in the air
The present old liar had better beware,
For ’tis clear that the “LIE HUNG CHANG.”

The West Australian Sunday Times (Perth, WA), 21 April 1901, p. 1

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