The Lone Hand [30 September 1920]

“The Lone Hand”.

The September issue of “The Lone Hand,” a copy of which we have just received, is such a good Australian magazine that it should be in the home of every person in the district. There is no mistaking the policy of “The Lone Hand” — it is undiluted good Australianism.

“The Lone Hand” is now in the 13th year of its existence, and it has become an institution inseparable from the literature of our country. This number contains stories, verse and paragraphs by the top-notch Australian writers, and every line reveals the handiwork of the craftsman.

“The Lone Hand” is practical in its good Australianism, and it preaches the gospel of love of country — love of bird, beast and man, and, recognising that the child of today is the man of to-morrow, sets out to cultivate the national spirit of offering monthly prizes to school children writers. Prizes of £1, 12/6, and 7/6 are awarded monthly for the best paragraphs, verse or short story, and every child in the Australian schools is eligible to compete. The Minister of Education, New South Wales, was so struck with the idea that he commends “The Lone Hand” for its scheme. The Minister’s letter appears in the issue.

Kilmore Free Press (Kilmore, Vic.), Thursday 30 September 1920, page 1

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