The King of China’s Daughter [poem by Una Shaw, 11 April 1931]

[Editor: A poem by Una Shaw. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April 1931.]

The King of China’s Daughter.

The King of China’s daughter
Was fair and over-fair;
Her eyes were bright as water,
And gold was in her hair.
Whene’er she sang in cherry time
The cherries called her fair,
And all the birds in far Cathay
Came flying through the air.

The King of China’s daughter
Is dead long years ago.
Her soul fled like the singing birds
Before the winter snow,
Yet all the birds in far Cathay,
As in the long ago,
Sing round her grave unto this day,
When cherry orchards blow.

Una Shaw.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 11 April 1931, page 9

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