A raider of 1813-14: Retaking of the Seringapatam [10 July 1920]

[Editor: An article about a planned invasion of Australia, by American and French forces, during the War of 1812 (fought between the USA and Great Britain, 1812-1815). Published in The Argus, 10 July 1920.] A raider of 1813-14. Retaking of the Seringapatam. By T. Dunbabin. The Germans were not the first to establish a hostile […]

Noxious Weeds [poem by “Kookaburra”, 9 January 1920]

[Editor: A poem by “Kookaburra”. Published in The Eltham and Whittlesea Shires Advertiser and Diamond Creek Valley Advocate, 9 January 1920.] Noxious Weeds. Long years ago, in days of old, When less sufficed our needs, And land at cheaper rates was sold, We had no noxious weeds. The Scotsman brought his thistle here, John Bull […]

Ned Kelly’s gang: The making and breaking of bushrangers [18 December 1920]

[Editor: This article on Ned Kelly and his gang was published in The Capricornian, 18 December 1920.] Ned Kelly’s gang. The making and breaking of bushrangers. June 28, last was the fortieth anniversary of the capture of Ned Kelly, the notorious bushranger, at Glenrowan. The accompanying pictures and narrative have been supplied to us by […]

The Lone Hand [30 September 1920]

“The Lone Hand”. The September issue of “The Lone Hand,” a copy of which we have just received, is such a good Australian magazine that it should be in the home of every person in the district. There is no mistaking the policy of “The Lone Hand” — it is undiluted good Australianism. “The Lone […]