Sweet Innocence [poem by L. E. Homfray]

[Editor: This poem by L. E. Homfray was published in Australians, Awake! And Other Poems (1915).]

Sweet Innocence.

Dear little maid with the earnest eyes
Looking on life with solemn gaze,
Holding our hearts in thy tiny hands,
Cheering us with thy loving ways.

What will the changing seasons bring thee?
Blessings and sorrows all unknown;
May the angels in mercy guide thee,
Bending down from the Father’s Throne.

Dear little maid, if love could only
Cherish thy life from grief or care,
Would not thy path be filled with sunshine,
All thy future be passing fair?

Deeper than depths of love can fathom,
Greater than earthly love can be,
Shineth the light of God’s own blessing
Over thy future destiny.

L. E. Homfray, Australians, Awake! And Other Poems, Sydney: D. S. Ford, [1915?], page 14

Editor’s notes:
Father = in a religious context, and capitalized, a reference to God (distinct from “Father” as a parent or “Father” as a priest)

Old spelling in the original text:
shineth (shines)
thee (you)
thy (your)

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