[Song of Australia competition] [1 October 1859]

[Editor: These two advertisements were placed in the The South Australian Advertiser on the 1st of October 1859, by the Gawler Institute, seeking the creation of a popular patriotic song for Australians. The final result of the competition was that Caroline Carleton won the prize for the words to the song and Carl Linger won the prize for the music.]

[Song of Australia competition]

A PRIZE of TEN GUINEAS open to South Australia is offered by the Gawler Institute for the WORDS of a PATRIOTIC SONG, to be entitled “The Song of Australia” Copyright of words to which the Prize may be awarded to become the property of the Gawler Institute.

Judges :
John H. Barrow, Esq., M.P.
John Brown, Esq.
John Howard Clark, Esq.
Hon. A. Forster, M.L.C.
W. C. Wearing, Esq.
E. J. Peake, Esq., M.P.

Competitors are free to adopt any treatment of subject or rhythmical measure, so long as the composition is in accordance with the title and suitable for musical expression. Each competitor to write on the outside of the envelope covering the composition (which must not bear the name of the author, but a motto) the words “Poem for Prize;” and in a second envelope to enclose his name, written outside the motto corresponding with that attached to the composition. Of those letters containing the names of the competitors, that alone will be opened which bears the motto of the successful composition.

All communications must be made by October 14, and addressed to George Isaacs, Gawler.

A PRIZE of TEN GUINEAS for Original MUSIC to “The Song of Australia” will be offered by the Gawler Institute, immediately after the Judges shall have awarded the prize for the Words, when, further particulars will be advertised.

Judges for the Music :
G. W. Chinner, Esq.
Dutton, Esq., M.P.
A. Ewing, Esq., D.A.C.G. F. S.
W. Holden, Esq.

Sec. Institute Committee.

The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), Saturday 1 October 1859, page 1

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