Somewhere [poem by L. E. Homfray]

[Editor: This poem by L. E. Homfray was published in Australians, Awake! And Other Poems (1915).]


Somewhere the sun is shining,
Though clouds may dim our sight,
Somewhere the stars of Heaven
Light up the darkest night.

Somewhere the birds are singing
Their sweetest songs of praise,
And summer flowers are giving
Promise of brighter days.

Somewhere, beyond our knowledge,
All hidden things are known,
Each deed for good or evil,
Each act of mercy shown.

Somewhere, in realms of glory,
Our parted loved ones dwell,
And taste of joy and blessing,
Past all that tongue can tell.

Somewhere, beyond life’s journey,
A home of gladness waits,
And bright shall be the welcome
Within those golden gates.

For there in God’s great wisdom,
Our severed hearts shall meet,
Our longing souls find comfort
In joy and love complete.

L. E. Homfray, Australians, Awake! And Other Poems, Sydney: D. S. Ford, [1915?], page 10

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