Notice [public notices, 23 January 1813]

[Editor: Two items from the public notices section of The Sydney Gazette, and New South Wales Advertiser, 23 January 1813. The first item, advertising a Commemoration Dinner, is regarding the anniversary of the founding of the colony of New South Wales (Australia Day). The second item is regarding an indentured servant who has run away from his master.]


The Stewards of the Commemoration Dinner inform the Public, that Dinner will be on Table at Half-past Five, on Friday the 29th Instant.

Wheras Thomas Desmond, my hired Servant, under an Indenture the tenor of which is unfulfilled, has absconded, and is now absent from my Farm:— I do therefore desire that no Person will give Employment or Maintenance to the said Thomas Desmond, on pain of rigid Prosecution.

Thomas M’Kenna Hawkesbury.

The Sydney Gazette, and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW), 23 January 1813, p. 4

[Editor: Corrected “Commemmoration” to “Commemoration”.]

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