Jack and Jill [poem by L. E. Homfray, 4 October 1925]

[Editor: This poem for children, by L. E. Homfray, was published in the Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), 4 October 1925.]

Jack and Jill.

I’ll tell you a story of Jack and Jill,
But not the ones that went up the hill.
Jack was a puppy, with eyes so bright
Jill was a pussycat soft and white.

Whenever that pussy went out to play
Jack would follow her all the way.
He’d pull her tail and bite her ears,
Till poor old pussy was almost in tears.

This all went on for a good long while,
Then Jill turned round with a sunny smile,
And gave to that pup one good, hard smack.
Oh, dear, it was quite a terrible whack.

Just then Jack’s mother ran out to see
What all the horrible noise could be.
Because he was barking with all his might.
And Jill was saying: “Come on, we’ll fight.”

She caught her son, and she spanked him well,
The things she told him I cannot tell.
But I know that Jack is a wiser pup,
And has given such bad behaviour up.


Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), 4 October 1925, p. 6 of the supplement “Pranks: The Children’s Newspaper”

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