Prose works (short stories, etc.) by Henry Lawson

This list contains various prose works by Henry Lawson (1867-1922), including articles, short stories, etc.
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Stories by Henry Lawson:
[The initials after each listing refer to the publication that the work was published in; see the list of books by Henry Lawson for links to the relevant publications.]
Across the straits [WBB 1896]
Andy Page’s rival [OTT 1900]
Another of Mitchell’s plans for the future [WBB 1896]
Arvie Aspinall’s alarm clock [WBB 1896]
Baldy Thompson [WBB 1896]
Black Joe [OTS 1900]
Board and residence [WBB 1896]
Bill, the ventriloquial rooster [OTT 1900]
Bogg of Geebung [WBB 1896]
Brummy Usen [WBB 1896]
Bush cats [SSPV 1894, OTT 1900]
The bush undertaker [SSPV 1894, WBB 1896]
A camp-fire yarn [WBB 1896]
A case for the Oracle [OTS 1900]
Coming across — a study in the steerage [WBB 1896]
The Darling River [OTS 1900]
A daughter of Maoriland [OTS 1900]
A day on a selection [WBB 1896]
Dossing out and camping [WBB 1896]
Drifted back [WBB 1896]
The drover’s wife [SSPV 1894, WBB 1896]
An echo from the old bark school [WBB 1896]
Enter Mitchell [WBB 1896]
For auld lang syne [WBB 1896]
A gentleman sharper and Steelman sharper [OTS 1900]
The geological spieler [WBB 1896]
Going blind [WBB 1896]
He’d come back [WBB 1896]
The hero of Redclay [OTS 1900]
His colonial oath [WBB 1896]
His country — after all [WBB 1896]
His father’s mate [WBB 1896]
How Steelman told his story [OTT 1900]
Hungerford [WBB 1896]
In a dry season [WBB 1896]
In a wet season [WBB 1896]
An incident at Stiffner’s [OTS 1900]
The Iron-bark chip [OTT 1900]
Jones’s alley [WBB 1896]
Macquarie’s mate [SSPV 1894, WBB 1896]
The man who forgot [WBB 1896]
The master’s mistake [OTS 1900]
Meeting old mates [OTT 1900]
“Middleton’s Peter” [OTT 1900]
Mitchell: A character sketch [WBB 1896]
Mitchell doesn’t believe in the sack [WBB 1896]
Mitchell on matrimony [OTT 1900]
Mitchell on the sex and other problems [OTS 1900]
Mitchell on women [OTT 1900]
Mitchell’s jobs [OTT 1900]
Mr. Smellingscheck [OTT 1900]
The mystery of Dave Regan [SSPV 1894, OTT 1900]
A narrow escape [SSPV 1894]
New Year’s night [OTS 1900]
No place for a woman [OTT 1900]
An old mate of your father’s [WBB 1896]
On the edge of a plain [WBB 1896]
Our pipes [WBB 1896]
An oversight of Steelman’s [OTT 1900]
Payable gold [OTT 1900]
Rats [SSPV 1894, WBB 1896]
Remailed [WBB 1896]
A rough shed [OTT 1900]
Seeing the last of you [OTS 1900]
The selector’s daughter [OTS 1900]
Settling on the land [WBB 1896]
The shanty-keeper’s wife [OTS 1900]
The shearing of the cook’s dog [WBB 1896]
She wouldn’t speak [WBB 1896]
Shooting the moon [WBB 1896]
Some day [WBB 1896]
The songs they used to sing [OTT 1900]
Steelman [WBB 1896]
Steelman’s pupil [WBB 1896]
Stiffner and Jim (thirdly, Bill) [WBB 1896]
The story of Malachi [WBB 1896]
The story of the oracle [OTS 1900]
Stragglers [WBB 1896]
That there dog o’ mine [WBB 1896]
They wait on the wharf in black [OTS 1900]
Two boys at Grinder Brothers’ [OTS 1900]
Two dogs and a fence [WBB 1896]
Two larrikins [OTT 1900]
A typical bush yarn [SSPV 1894]
An unfinished love story [WBB 1896]
The union buries its dead [SSPV 1894, WBB 1896]
A vision of sandy blight [OTT 1900]
A visit of condolence [WBB 1896]
We called him “Ally” for short [SSPV 1894]
When the sun went down [WBB 1896]

Prefaces by Henry Lawson:
[Arranged by year of publication]
Preface [Short Stories in Prose and Verse,1894]
Preface [In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses, 1896]
Preface [On the Track, 1900]
Preface [Over the Sliprails, 1900]
Preface [Verses Popular and Humorous, 1900]
Preface to first edition [The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, by C.J. Dennis, 1915]

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