Give Our Own a Show! [poem, 2 February 1906]

[Editor: A poem published in Peak Hill Express, 2 February 1906.]

Give Our Own a Show!

Dedicated to All Anti-White Australians.

Why waste your time in howling
For the yellow man or black,
Just pull yourself together and
Look straight along the track
And ask yourself this question,
While the sun is sinking low —
Ain’t it up to us to firstly
Give our own white kids a show?

You have talked of immigration
And the birthrate going down,
And you only see salvation
In the black man or the brown!
Be a man and don’t be croaking
Like a wretched carrion crow,
Ask yourself if you have given
Our own boys and girls a show?

You have tried to prove by figures
That to cultivate the land
We must import the nigger
Or some special yellow brand;
What’s the matter with Australians,
Have they failed, I’d like to know,
To answer every question
If they had but half a show?

You have shamed the land that bred you
With your slanders loud and long,
You have sorely tried our patience
With your crying craven song.
But in spite of all your croaking,
And your bounce and bluff and blow,
Our boys will hold Australia
And we’ll see they get a show!

J. B. Wilson.

Peak Hill Express (Peak Hill, NSW), 2 February 1906, p. 8

Also published in:
The Worker (Wagga, NSW), 8 March 1906, p. 2

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