Fairy Games [poem by L. E. Homfray, 18 October 1925]

[Editor: This poem for children, by L. E. Homfray, was published in the Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), 18 October 1925.]

Fairy Games

Last night, when I was fast asleep,
A little fairy came
And said to me, “Oh! come and play.
This very lovely game.”
She took me gently by the hand
And led me right away
To where the little fairies live,
And we began to play.

Oh! there was lovely music, too,
And while we danced about
The moon was shining overhead,
And all the stars came out.
It was really a lovely game.
We all had tiny wings;
Then round and round the birdies flew,
Such jolly little things!

The Fairy Queen, she said to me,
“What would you like to eat?
There’s dewdrop cakes and elfin scones,
And every kind of sweets.”
Then, just as I began to taste
Some lovely almond rock,
My daddy pulled my hair and said,
“Get up, it’s eight o’clock.”


Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), 18 October 1925, p. 2 of the supplement “Pranks: The Children’s Newspaper”

[Editor: Changed “little fairly” to “little fairy”.]

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