To the Electors of Western Australia [election statement of Henry Saunders, 24 March 1901]

[Editor: An election advertisement regarding the candidature of Henry John Saunders for the Senate in Western Australia. Published in The West Australian Sunday Times, 24 March 1901.]

To the Electors of Western Australia.



Is One of the CANDIDATES for the SENATE,

And Appeals to you all for One of your Votes.

His Political Platform is as Follows:—

1. A Freetrade Revenue Tariff.

2. Immediate Construction by the Commonwealth of the Transcontinental Railway

3. A White Australia.

4. Conciliation and Arbitration.

5. Nationalisation of Lands of the Federal Capital.

6. Naval and Military Defences and Encouragement of Volunteer Bodies

7. Penny Postage and a Uniform Rate of Telegrams within the Commonwealth.

8. Old Age Pensions.

9. Uniform Federal Franchise, each man and woman one vote only.

H. J. SAUNDERS has been a resident in this State for 16 years; for the last seven years has been a Member of the Legislative Council for the Metropolitan Province; was Mayor of Perth for two years, and last year was elected President of the Royal Agricultural Society.

H. J. SAUNDERS, having travelled all over the State, knows its requirements; whilst his large and varied interests in mining, agriculture and general commercial industries are a guarantee that he will use his best endeavors to safeguard and forward the interests of this State in the Commonwealth Parliament, and he therefore appeals to all the electors for one of their votes on the day of election.


The West Australian Sunday Times (Perth, WA), Sunday 24 March 1901, page 8 (last column of page 8)

[Editor’s notes]
Henry John Saunders was born in London, England, on 16 February 1855. He was educated at Clifton College (in Bristol, England) and become a civil engineer. Saunders migrated to Australia in 1884, and went on to become a pastoralist and company director. He was elected to the Perth City Council (Western Australia), becoming mayor in 1895. Saunders was elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council in 1894, serving until 1902. He ran for the Senate in 1901 as a Free Trade candidate, but was not elected; however, on 20 May 1903 he was appointed to the Senate as a Free Trade Senator for Western Australia, filling the casual vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator Norman Ewing. He contested the 1903 Senate election but lost. He served on the WA Legislative Council for the Metropolitan Province from 1894 to 1902 and 1918 to 1919. He died on Monday 13 October 1919 at Perth (WA). He was survived by his wife Julia, and his children Jack and Cecil.

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