The Ways of Many Waters [by E. J. Brady, 1899]

[Editor: This book of poetry by E. J. Brady was originally published by the Bulletin Newspaper Company (Sydney) in 1899, by Thomas C. Lothian (Melbourne) in 1909, and by the Standard Publishing Company (Melbourne) in 1913.]

Front cover

Front cover

Title page

Title page

The Ways of Many Waters


E. J. Brady


The Ways of Many Waters
Lost and Given Over
Hides and Tallow
I’ve Got Bad News
The Loading of the Pride
Down in Honolulu
The Hiram Brown
Laying on the Screw
The Whaler’s Pig
The Blazing Star
The For’ard Hold
Sarah Dow
McFee of Aberdeen
Wool, Ho!
With Coal to Callao
The Wool Fleet
Yankee Packet
The Ways are Wide
The Passing of Parker
The Great Gray Water
What the Bottle Said
A Viking Foray
Song of the Southern Trades
They Have Bound Us
How Jack Bowlin Steered “Jones”
A Rhyme of the Roads
Roll the Cotton Down
Nets Below the Gangway
“Which His Weakness is Women”
A Ballad of the Flag
You and Us
Homeward Bound
The People of the Gates

The Author acknowledges with thanks, the kind permission of the Bulletin Co., Sydney, in allowing this Volume to be republished.

10th June, 1909.

Thomas C. Lothian, Melbourne
London: The Walter Scott Publishing Co.

Printed by
Butler & Tanner,
The Selwood Printing Works
Frome, and London

E. J. Brady, The Ways of Many Waters, Melbourne: Thomas C. Lothian, 1909 [first published 1899]

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