The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke [by C. J. Dennis, 1915]

[Editor: This book of poems by C.J. Dennis was first published in 1915, although the majority of the contents had previously been published in The Bulletin. In effect, this is a novel written in a poetical style; it went on to become one of the most sold books of poetry in the country; it was twice made into a film, as well as being turned into a television production, a musical, and a ballet. Most of the poetry of C.J. Dennis is written in the style of the Australian vernacular. See the glossary for explanations of words and phrases.]

Front cover of the 1964 edition

Front cover of the 1964 edition

Front cover of the 1923 edition

Front cover of the 1923 edition

The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke


C. J. Dennis

Author of “The Moods of Ginger Mick,” etc.

Preface to the fifty-first thousand

Preface to first edition


I. A Spring Song
The world ’as got me snouted jist a treat

II. The Intro
’Er name’s Doreen . . . Well, spare me bloomin’ days!

III. The Stoush O’ Day
Ar, these is ’appy days! An’ ’ow they’ve flown

IV. Doreen
“I wish’t yeh meant it, Bill.” Oh, ’ow me ’eart

V. The Play
“Wot’s in a name?” she sez . . . An’ then she sighs

VI. The Stror ’At Coot
Ar, wimmin! Wot a blinded fool I’ve been!

VII. The Siren
She sung a song, an’ I sat silent there

“’Er pore dear Par,” she sez, “’e kept a store”

IX. Pilot Cove
“Young friend,” ’e sez . . . Young friend! Well, spare me days!

X. Hitched
“An’ — wilt — yeh — take — this — woman — fer — to — be —

XI. Beef Tea
She never magged; she never said no word

XII. Uncle Jim
“I got no time fer wasters, lad,” sez ’e

XIII. The Kid
My son! . . . Them words, jist like a blessed song

XIV. The Mooch O’ Life
This ev’nin’ I was sittin’ wiv Doreen

The Glossary

Sydney, Angus & Robertson Ltd., 1917

Completing Ninety-Second Thousand

Printed by Butler & Tanner, Frome and London,
for Angus & Robertson, Ltd.
London Agents : The Oxford University Press, Amen Corner, E.G.

The Author desires to acknowledge the previous publication in “The Bulletin,” Sydney, of all the verses here printed, with the exception of numbers XII and XIV, which are now published for the first time.

Dramatic, Cinema and all other Rights are Reserved.

To Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Roberts

La vie est vaine :
Un peu d’amour,
Un peu de haine . . .
Et puis — bonjour !

La vie est brève :
Un peu d’espoir,
Un peu de rêve . . .
Et puis — bonsoir !

Léon Montenaeken.

C. J. Dennis. The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1917 [first published 1915]

Editor’s notes:
The poem by Léon Montenaeken translates from French as follows:

Life is vain :
A little love,
A little hate . . .
And then — good day!

Life is brief :
A little hope,
A little dream . . .
And then — goodnight!

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