Botany Bay [poem, January 1787]

[Editor: A poem published in The New London Magazine, January 1787.] Botany Bay. Away with these whimsical bubbles of air, With only excite a momentary stare, Attention to plans of utility pay, Weigh anchor, and steer off for Botany Bay. Let no one think much of trifling expense, Who knows what may happen a hundred […]

New Colony [October 1787]

[Editor: An article about Australia, printed prior to the establishment of the colony at Sydney, New South Wales. Published in The New London Magazine, October 1787.] New Colony. A description of New Holland, particularly the Eastern Coast, called South-Wales, in which Botany-Bay, the spot intended by Government for colonization, is situated. Situation. This country is […]

[The London Gazette: Arthur Phillip appointed Governor of NSW] [14-17 April 1787]

[Editor: The official announcement of the appointment of Arthur Phillip as Governor of New South Wales, published in The London Gazette (14-17 April 1787).] Whitehall, April 17. The King has been pleased to appoint James Seton, Esq; to be Captain-General and Governor in Chief of the Island of St. Vincent, in the Room of Edmund […]