The Three Roads [poem by Victor Daley]

[Editor: This poem by Victor Daley was published in The Bulletin Reciter, 1901.] The Three Roads. There is a town in Ireland, A little town I know ; Its girls have tender Irish eyes Beneath their brows of snow ; And in the fields around it The Fairy Hawthorns grow. O, the Hawthorn is a […]

A Ballad of Eureka [poem by Victor Daley]

[Editor: A poem by Victor Daley about the Eureka Rebellion which occurred in Ballarat in 1854. Published in Creeve Roe: Poetry by Victor Daley, 1947.] A Ballad of Eureka Stand up, my young Australian, In the brave light of the sun, And hear how Freedom’s battle Was in old days lost — and won. The […]