Love in a Cottage [poem by Daniel Deniehy, 1909 (first published 1847)]

[Editor: A poem by Daniel Deniehy.] Love in a Cottage A cottage small be mine, with porch Enwreathed with ivy green, And brightsome flowers with dew-filled bells, ’Mid brown old wattles seen. And one to wait at shut of eve, With eyes as fountain clear. And braided hair, and simple dress, My homeward step to […]

Australia [poem by Bernard O’Dowd]

[Editor: This poem by Bernard O’Dowd was published in The Golden Treasury of Australian Verse (1909); it was previously published in The Bulletin (12 May 1900).] Australia Last sea-thing dredged by sailor Time from Space, Are you a drift Sargasso, where the West In halcyon calm rebuilds her fatal nest? Or Delos of a coming […]

Love Sonnets: VI [poem by Charles Harpur]

[Editor: A poem by Charles Harpur.] Love Sonnets: VI She loves me ! From her own bliss-breathing lips The live confession came, like rich perfume From crimson petals bursting into bloom ! And still my heart at the remembrance skips Like a young lion, and my tongue too trips As drunk with joy ! while […]

Introduction [by Bertram Stevens, in “The Golden Treasury of Australian Verse”, 1909]

[Editor: This introduction to The Golden Treasury of Australian Verse (1909) by Bertram Stevens gives a brief history of Australian literature and poetry, from the founding of the colony in New South Wales in 1788, up to about 1900.] Introduction As the literature of a country is, in certain respects, a reflex of its character, […]