Hymn [poem by Menie Parkes]

[Editor: This poem by Menie Parkes was published in Poems (1867). This was one of three poems entitled “Hymn” that appeared in the book.]


Pardon! For yet again I dare
To lift mine eyes in anxious prayer,
And plead Thy love against my sin,
And to Thy mercy venture in.

Pardon! For Jesus died to gain
That precious boon: by His great pain,
By all His sufferings on the cross,
Save thou my soul from endless loss.

Pardon! Ah, teach my soul to pray
That single prayer from day to day,
And answer now by strength increased
To do Thy will till life has ceased.

Glory! To God be glory given!
With such a psalm I’ll enter Heaven!
Glory to God who pardon gave,
And stooped and died my soul to save!

Menie Parkes, Poems, F. Cunninghame, Sydney, [1867], page 123

[Editor: Corrected “how by strength” to “now by strength”, with regard to the “Errata” corrections.]

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