Doreen [by C. J. Dennis, 1917]

[Editor: This booklet by C. J. Dennis was published in 1917. As this publication did not have a contents page, a list of the contents has been provided so as to enable easier access to the text.]

C. J. Dennis, Doreen, 1917, front cover 450h


By C. J. Dennis

Washing Day

Logic and Spotted Dog



Fer ’er sweet sake I’ve gone and chucked it clean:
The pubs an’ schools an’ all that leery game.
Fer when a bloke ’as come to know Doreen,
It ain’t the same.
There’s ’igher things, she sez, for blokes to do.
An’ I am ’arf believin’ that it’s true.

— The Sentimental Bloke

Sydney: Angus & Robertson Ltd.

Printed by W. C. Penfold & Co., Ltd., 183 Pitt Street, Sydney
Angus & Robertson Limited

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C. J. Dennis, Doreen, Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1917

Editor’s notes:
The advertisements page of this publication, entitled “Pocket editions for the trenches”, has the date “October 1917”.

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