Domestic intelligence [3 February 1827]

[Editor: Some extracts from the Australian news section of the The Monitor, 3 February 1827.]

Domestic intelligence

It is discovered that greasy wool will attract and destroy weevils in wheat — where this destructive insect therefore, is suspected to engender, it is proper to place sheep-skins, or newly-shorn wool beside the grain.

Byron the Constable who was tried for shooting a man on the Parramatta Road, and subsequently committed on a charge of shooting a black Native at Port Stephens, has been appointed a Constable at Hobart Town. This man may still prove a useful member of society, though his late life has been eventful. We think he did right to leave the singular service of Mr. Dawson.

“That part of the world” (says a late writer) “situated in the great ocean between Africa, Asia, and America, has been very justly denominated Oceanica, a name which must supersede, and in the mouths of the learned and polite has already superseded the unmeaning and inaccurate terms of Australasia, Australia, Notasia, and Austral India. New Holland and Van Dieman’s Land, have not one Asiatic feature, and as to the designation Austral or Southern, this great fifth part of the world extends both North and South, above 40 degrees on either side the Equator.”

William Clayton, a ticket-of-leave-man, was charged that he had committed a violent assault on the person of William Fullard, landholder, at Richmond, in November last; at the hour of midnight, with intent to plunder the Premises. In addition to the evidence to prove the fact, the Bench called upon the district constable to give a character of the man, as he did not attempt to support his character by similar means, although he had 2 subpoenas gratis, to endeavour to prove an alibi : the said district constable stated, that the man had no settled abode, and was very neglectful of the order in attending Church, which offence was once or twice overlooked. The prisoner had been committed to take his trial at the Quarter Sessions, so that he might have the benefit of a Jury of his country; but it was thought proper to refer such cases to the Court of General Sessions. Taking into consideration some confinement the prisoner has endured, the sentence of the Court was — Ticket-of-leave cancelled and the man returned to Government.

The Monitor (Sydney, NSW) Saturday 3 February 1827, page 298 (2nd page of that issue)

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