Australians Yet and Other Verses [by Grant Hervey, 1913]

[Editor: This book of poems by Grant Hervey was published in 1913.]

Front cover

Front cover

Back cover

Back cover

Australians Yet

And Other Verses


Grant Hervey



Australians Yet
Upon the Hills
The Gods and the Girls
The Night I Spent in Quod
Ballad of the Drums
Five Years
In Praise of Children
“The Man You Might Have Been”
The Need for Men
A Vagabond Heart
Going Blind
Back to the Bush
“When the Doctor Will Not Come”
The Passing of Captain Banks
His Monument
Thro’ Storm and Gloom
Among the Thieves
Lips and Stars
The Driver
My Creed
The Coal-Ships
The Whirligig of Time
Leaving the Town !
Two Stars
Kisses and Sin
When Ships and Harbours Part
The Joy of Life
The New Song and the New Singer
Homer is My Friend
The Masters of the Sea
Have You Set Your Standards High ?
My Lady is Waiting for Me
Ballad of the Man Far Inland
A Song of Work
My Morning Rose
Ballad of Jock McPhun
When the Shoddy Idols Go
A Song of Men and Women
The Buccaneers
Dutton’s Grave
The Town of God-Forgotten
Portland Bay (Victoria)
The Western Road
Ballad of Exile
The Voice of God
The Old Colonial Days
A Visit from the Zoo
I Hear Australia Singing
A Song of Ships
A Ballad of the Road
An Idyll of the Rail
A Song of the Millennium
The Old “Blues”
Battle Hymn of the New Australia
The Night the Liner Died
Buenos Ayres
The Sweater’s Dream
The Girl Who Came Between
Transcontinental Railways
Black Maria
The Strength To Be
The Girls of the Morning
“Another Fall of Earth”
Silk Cracker Days
“Rolling Her Home”
When a Fellow Does His Damnedest

Melbourne, Thomas C. Lothian, 1913
Printed in England
Printed by Butler & Tanner, Frome and London

To James Edmond

Grant Hervey. Australians Yet and Other Verses, Thomas C. Lothian, Melbourne, 1913

[Editor: This book was dedicated to James Edmond, who was the editor of The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW).]

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