Aborigines. Defended by Bishop [7 October 1933]

[Editor: Article calls for efforts to protect Aborigines against Japanese fishermen.]


Defended by bishop.

“Aggressive in self-defence.”

Brisbane, Friday.

The Bishop of Carpentaria (Dr. S. Davies), who reached Brisbane by the Taiping to-day, said that the Barcolumba tribe of aborigines around Caledon Bay and Blue Mud Bay, Arnhem Land, were aggressive largely because they had to protect themselves and their women against persons of other races. The Commonwealth Government had never given protection by coastal patrols. He stressed the urgency of strong police patrols along the whole coast-line of Northern Australia, particularly for the protection of aborigines against Japanese trepangers.

“I have no sympathy for the Japanese who suffered injury from these natives,” said Dr. Davies.

Safeguarding sanctuaries.

Adelaide. Friday.

At a meeting of the Aborigines’ Friends’ Association it was decided to recommend to the Federal Government that police be stationed at Caledon Bay, with a vessel for patrol purposes to keen foreign nationals out of Arnhem Land; that, in order to preserve friendly relations with Japan, the Consul in Australia be approached, pointing out that Arnhem land is a sanctuary for aborigines, and asking that Japanese subjects be required to respect same; that the Federal Government take steps to prevent prospectors and others entering Arnhem Land without the special permission of the Minister for the Interior; and that, in the event of their doing so, they enter at their own risk and without Government protection.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 7 October 1933, page 15

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