The Australian Pioneers [poem, 5 January 1893]

[Editor: A poem published in the Kilmore Free Press, 5 January 1893.]

The Australian Pioneers.

Honor those men of old,
Honor the Pioneers.
Men whose hearts were brave and bold,
Undaunted by trials or fears.
Men, who dangers braved, unknown;
In their search for a new home
Landed here, and so become
Australian Pioneers.

It’s years since they saw the land —
The Australian Pioneers —
That girts the shores of the southern strand;
Where the sun warm and clear
Smiled on sunny valleys deep;
And shone on mountains, wild and steep;
Where mountain torrent and rippling creek
Welcomed the Pioneers.

Well can this nation say
Honor the Pioneers,
Builders of a nation, they —
Founders of a sphere
That stands before the world, arrayed,
Its wealth and commerce displayed;
Proudly a nation they have made,
Honor the Pioneers.

Australia’s sons, a coming race,
And sons of the Pioneers;
Bravely each will take his place,
To defend our country dear.
For proud of our island home are we;
Proud of its people, brave and free;
Proud of our homes, fair to see;
And proud of our Pioneers.

Oh, Saviour Christ, we crave Thee bless
Our Australian Pioneers,
And grant them peace and happiness
In their reclining aged years.
For Thine is the power to take or save;
Thine is the mercy for which we crave;
Thou art the hope beyond the grave,
Of the Australian Pioneers.


Kilmore Free Press (Kilmore, Vic.), 5 January 1893, p. 3

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