Song [song by Agnes Neale]

[Editor: This poem by Agnes Neale was published in Shadows and Sunbeams (1890).]


Do YOU really love me, darling?
Is your heart, then, all my own?
Are the hopes that are the purest
Bound to me, and me alone?

Do you really love me, darling?
I have waited long for this;
Waited as the blossoms wait, dear,
For the sun’s first warming kiss.

Darling, there are lights and shadows,
Sunlight on the mountain’s brow;
Lurking shadows in the valleys,
Where the summer blossoms glow.

Love, the earth is full of beauty;
Love, the days are fair and sweet;
Crowded full of wealth and gladness,
Hours fleet by on golden feet.

Love, there is no gift like loving,
Purest pearl of life is this;
Fairest bloom of earth’s fair blossoms,
Pressed into one trembling kiss.

Do you really love me, darling;
All the world is glad to-day;
For the golden sun is shining —
All life’s clouds have passed away.

Agnes Neale, Shadows and Sunbeams, Adelaide: Burden & Bonython, 1890, pages 81-82

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