Works of P. R. Stephensen

[Editor: This list contains various works by P. R. Stephensen; for biographical information click here.]

Books and pamphlets by P. R. Stephensen:
[This list does not include books ghostwritten by P. R. Stephensen.]
1928: The Antichrist of Nietzsche: A New Version in English, London: Fanfrolico Press [translation by P.R. Stephensen; with illustrations by Norman Lindsay]
1928: Norman Lindsay Does Not Care: An Outburst, London: Fanfrolico Press
1928?: Policeman of the Lord: A Political Satire, London: Sophistocles Press [the drawings by Beresford Egan; the preface and lampoon by P.R. Stephensen]
1929: The Bushwhackers: Sketches of Life in the Australian Outback, London: Mandrake Press
1929: The Well of Sleevelessness: A Tale for the Least of these Little Ones, London: Scholartis Press [by P.R. Stephensen; with illustrations by Hal Collins]
1930: The Legend of Aleister Crowley: Being a Study of the Documentary Evidence Relating to a Campaign of Personal Vilification Unparalleled in Literary History, London: Mandrake Press
1936: The Foundations of Culture in Australia: An Essay towards National Self-Respect, Gordon (NSW): W. J. Miles
1939: Japan’s 2,599th Anniversary: A Plea for a Better Understanding, and for More Peace, Trade & Friendship Between Australia and Japan, Sydney: Publicist Publishing Company
1940: The Life and Works of A. G. Stephens (“The Bookfellow”): A Lecture, Delivered to the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Sydney, 10th March, 1940, Sydney: P. R. Stephensen
1941: Fifty Points for Australia: An Exposition of a Policy for an Australia-First Party after the War, Sydney: Publicist Publishing Company
1954: Kookaburras and Satyrs: Some Recollections of The Fanfrolico Press, Cremorne (N.S.W.): Talkarra Press
1954: The Viking of Van Diemen’s Land: The Stormy Life of Jorgen Jorgensen, Sydney: Angus and Robertson [by Frank Clune and P.R. Stephensen; with illustrations by Albert Zimmerman]
1956: The Cape Horn Breed: My Experiences as an Apprentice in Sail in the Full-Rigged Ship British Isles, London: Andrew Melrose [by William H.S. Jones, as told to P.R. Stephensen]
1956: Flynn’s Flying Doctors: An Artist’s Journey Through the Outback and the Story of the Flying Doctor Service in Australia, Melbourne: W. Heinemann [by Harry Hudson in collaboration with P.R. Stephensen]
1958: Philip Dimmock: A Memoir of a Poet, Sydney: Talkarra Press
1958: Sail Ho! My Early Years at Sea, Sydney: Angus and Robertson [by Sir James Bisset, written in collaboration with P.R. Stephensen]
1959: Nationalism in Australian Literature: Commonwealth Literary Fund Lecture at the University of Adelaide, 30th Sept., (Commonwealth Literary Fund lectures)
1962: The Pirates of the Brig Cyprus, London: Rupert Hart-Davis [by Frank Clune and P. R. Stephensen]
1962: Sydney Sails: The Story of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s First 100 Years (1862-1962), Sydney: Angus and Robertson
1966: The History and Description of Sydney Harbour, [Adelaide]: Rigby

Articles by P. R. Stephensen:
Editorial manifestos [August 1928]
Lions in the path: Book publishing in Australia: A survey of the field [31 March 1934]

Poems by P. R. Stephensen:
Bullets and Ballots [August 1928]
Seducer [August 1928]
Permanent [December 1928]

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