Kendall [poem by Kenneth Mackay]

[Editor: This poem by Kenneth Mackay was published in Stirrup Jingles from the Bush and the Turf and Other Rhymes (1887). It was written in memory of the poet Henry Kendall, who died in 1882.]


Mourn, O sea, that he is dead!
Clouds your tears above him shed!
Wandering wild-bird sing his story
To Australian forests hoary! —
Scenes to which his muse was wed.

Moon that is forever bright
Bathe his grave with softest light!
Sound his paean torrent rushing
Down where depths your voice is hushing
Mid a gloom of starless night!

Land whose woods he sang of best
Guard him in your virgin breast!
For, remember, in your keeping,
Nature’s poet now is sleeping —
Taking his eternal rest!

Kenneth Mackay, Stirrup Jingles from the Bush and the Turf and Other Rhymes, Sydney: Edwards, Dunlop & Co., 1887, page 73

Editor’s notes:
hoary = descriptive term for someone or something which is old; someone with grey or white hair

paean = a poem, hymn, or song of joy, praise, thanksgiving, or triumph; a piece of artwork, film, song, or written work that gives great praise

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