I Thirst: A Song [song by Agnes Neale]

[Editor: This poem by Agnes Neale was published in Shadows and Sunbeams (1890).]

I Thirst: A Song.

For the light of love on my onward way,
For the sunshine fair of the cloudless day,
For the flowers that blossom out to the light,
For the stars that shine in the darkest night,
For hope, like a silken clue, to be
A guide through earth’s tangled maze to me —
I thirst! I thirst!

For the gushing fountain’s music sweet,
For beauty and gladness my eyes to greet,
For the satisfied fulness of deep content,
For the rest that to weary ones is sent,
Up to the far-off blue of the sky
Rings ever and ever the desolate cry —
I thirst! I thirst!

For love, that shall make my whole world bright;
That shall fill my days with a glorious light;
That, wrapping my soul in a dream of joy,
Shall give me gladness without alloy;
That to me shall be stars, sun, and flowers,
And a wondrous charm to the golden hours —
I thirst! I thirst!

But there never shines on my weary way,
From the sun of Love, one gladsome ray.
The star of hope on my life has set,
Leaving naught but an aching vain regret.
And, lifting mine eyes to the starless sky,
My heart still moans forth its wailing cry — I thirst! I thirst!

Agnes Neale, Shadows and Sunbeams, Adelaide: Burden & Bonython, 1890, page 55

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