Works of Charles Harpur

This list contains various works by Charles Harpur (1813-1868); for biographical information click here.

Books by Charles Harpur:
[Books published during Charles Harpur’s lifetime, arranged by year of publication:]
1845: Thoughts: A Series of Sonnets, Sydney: W. A. Duncan
1853: The Bushrangers; A Play in Five Acts, and Other Poems, Sydney: W.R. Piddington
1862: A Poet’s Home, Sydney: Hanson and Bennett
1865: The Tower of the Dream, Sydney: Clarson, Shallard and Co.

[Some books of significance published after Charles Harpur’s death, arranged by year of publication:]
1883: Poems, Melbourne: George Robertson
1944: Selected Poems of Charles Harpur, Melbourne: Arura Writers (edited by Kenneth H. Gifford and Donald F. Hall)
1948: “Rosa”: Love Sonnets to Mary Doyle, Melbourne: Hutchinson (edited by Cecil W. Salier)
1984: The Poetical Works of Charles Harpur, Sydney: Angus & Robertson (edited by Elizabeth Perkins)

Plays by Charles Harpur:
The Bushrangers
Act I.
Act II.
Act III.
Act IV.
Act V.

Selected poems by Charles Harpur:
An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament [BPFA 1853]
An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament [in an anthology of poetry, 1888]
There are a lot of minor differences between the 1853 and 1888 (anthology) versions of “An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament”.
Absence [BPFA 1853]
An Anthem for the Australasian League [BPFA 1853]
The Broken Heart’s Carouse [2 June 1835]
Burns [BPFA 1853]
The Bush Fire [31 March 1851]
The Bush Fire [BPFA 1853]
There are some minor differences between the 1851 and 1853 versions of “The Bush Fire”.
Characteristics of Wordsworth [BPFA 1853]
Consolation [BPFA 1853]
The Creek of the Four Graves [BPFA 1853]
The Dream by the Fountain [BPFA 1853]
Dreams of the Beloved [BPFA 1853]
Emblems [BPFA 1853]
The Enquiry [BPFA 1853]
Epitaph for a Sailor [4 November 1846]
Eva Gray [BPFA 1853]
Finality [BPFA 1853]
The Flight of Peace [BPFA 1853]
Freedom in Faith [BPFA 1853]
The Hectic To Her Nurse [22 May 1835]
“The Leaf-Glancing Boughs” [BPFA 1853]
“Love is Wayward” [BPFA 1853]
Love’s Memories [12 June 1835]
Love Sonnets VI [1883]
“The Manifold Hills” [BPFA 1853]
The Master Mariner’s Song (Outward Bound) [BPFA 1853]
Melody [26 September 1835]
Memory’s Genesis [10 July 1835]
Memory’s Genesis [BPFA 1853]
There are major differences between the 1835 and 1853 versions of “Memory’s Genesis”.
The Minstrel’s Last Lay [23 May 1835]
Morning [BPFA 1853]
My Political Belief [BPFA 1853]
Ned Connor [BPFA 1853]
Noon in the Forest at Midsummer [27 May 1851]
Poetry [BPFA 1853]
A Poet’s Home [BPFA 1853]
Records of Romantic Passion [BPFA 1853]
This Southern Land of Ours [ca. 1863]
To ——— [BPFA 1853]
To an Echo on the Banks of the Hunter [BPFA 1853]
To Imagination [9 June 1835]
To Mary [BPFA 1853]
To My First Born [BPFA 1853]
To My Young Countryman, D. H. D. [BPFA 1853]
To the Comet of 1843 [BPFA 1853]
To the Harp of Australia [19 September 1835]
To The Moon [BPFA 1853]
The Tower of the Dream [1865]
The Tree of Liberty [4 November 1846]
The Tree of Liberty [BPFA 1853]
There are some minor differences between the 1846 and 1853 versions of “The Tree of Liberty”; also, the 1853 version has an additional stanza.
“A Trooper of France in Desperate Need” [BPFA 1853]
The Verse of Coleridge’s Christabel [BPFA 1853]
Verses Occasioned by the Death of a Child of the Measles [12 May 1835]
Virginal Love [BPFA 1853]
The Vision of the Rock [BPFA 1853]
The Voice of the Native Oak [BPFA 1853]
“Wherever in some Wildwood Bower” [BPFA 1853]
Words [1883]
The Wreck [20 December 1833]
“Yes” [BPFA 1853]

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