Bird Song [poem by C. J. Dennis]

[Editor: This poem by C. J. Dennis was published in A Book for Kids, 1921 (page 48). This book has four poems entitled “Bird Song”, on pages 48, 63, 108, and 114.]

Bird Song

There are many birds — but, Hush!
Hear the carol of Grey Thrush!
He’s my favourite bird among the forest singers.
With his modest coat of grey
And his charming, friendly way,
He is head and chief of all good-fortune bringers.

I dislike Bell-magpie slightly,
Though he’s very neat and sprightly,
And to humour he has certain solid claims.
But at theft he has no match,
For he raids my cabbage patch,
Then he sits upon a post and calls me names.

I deplore the Butcher-bird,
For no sweeter song is heard
Than his chanting in the autumn and the spring.
But he hunts his weaker cousins,
And he butchers them by dozens —
And I wonder that he has the heart to sing.

C. J. Dennis. A Book for Kids, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, [1921], page 48

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