Works by Bernard O’Dowd

[Editor: This list contains various works by Bernard O’Dowd (1866-1953); for biographical information click here.]

Books by Bernard O’Dowd:
[Books published during Bernard O’Dowd’s lifetime, arranged by year of publication.]
[*Including some legal texts.]
1888: The Australasian Secular Association Lyceum Tutor, Melbourne: Tyzack & Picken (edited by Bernard O’Dowd)
*1897: A Digest of Australasian Mining Cases: As Decided in the Supreme Courts of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and New Zealand, and on Appeal therefrom to the Privy Council, Melbourne: C. F. Maxwell (with James G. Eagleson and W.A. Sanderson) [available at]
*1897: The Local Government Acts (with Alfred MacHugh)
1902: Conscience and Democracy: Lecture, Melbourne: Tocsin Office
1903: Dawnward?, Sydney: Bulletin Newspaper Company
1905: The Silent Land and Other Verses, Melbourne: T. C. Lothian
1907: Dominions of the Boundary, Melbourne: T. C. Lothian
1909: Poetry Militant: An Australian Plea for the Poetry of Purpose, Melbourne: T. C. Lothian
1909: The Seven Deadly Sins: A Series of Sonnets and Other Verses, Melbourne: T. C. Lothian
1910: Poems, Melbourne: Lothian
1912: The Bush, Melbourne: T. C. Lothian
1921: Alma Venus! and Other Verses, Melbourne: Lothian Book Publishing
1927: Souvenir of “Back to Beaufort”: An Ode, [Melbourne]
*1940: Victorian Company Law and Practice: Comprising the Companies Act 1938 (with which is incorporated the Investment Companies Act 1938), comparative tables in regard to English, Australian (state) and New Zealand acts, annotations and explanations, Melbourne: Law Book Company of Australasia (with Douglas I. Menzies)
1941: The Poems of Bernard O’Dowd, Melbourne: Lothian Publishing (with an introduction by Walter Murdoch)
1942: Fantasies, Melbourne: Lothian

Selected works by Bernard O’Dowd:
Australia [1900/1909]
A poem by Bernard O’Dowd, published in The Golden Treasury of Australian Verse (1909); it was previously published in The Bulletin (12 May 1900).]
[Preface.] [1916]
The preface by Bernard O’Dowd to The Poems of Joseph Furphy (1916)
Introduction [1919]
The preface by Bernard O’Dowd to Australian Musical Possibilities (1924), a book by Henry Tate.

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