A Song of Youth [poem by L. E. Homfray, 20 July 1937]

[Editor: This poem by L. E. Homfray was published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July 1937.]

A Song of Youth.

The world is ours, and our hearts are light,
Join with us in a happy song.
The spirit of youth is ours to-day,
Merrily, merrily, march along.

The golden moments go fleeting by,
All too soon are our schooldays past.
But priceless memories and friendships sweet
Circle our hearts while life shall last.

Achievement may give us all we ask,
Fortune or fame the prize may be;
Yet often again our thoughts will turn
Back to our schooldays, glad and free.

Then let us now, while the world is ours,
Raise our voices in joyous song,
The spirit of youth is ours to-day,
Merrily, merrily march along.

— L. E. Homfray.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), 20 July 1937, p. 2 of the “Women’s Supplement”

Also published in:
The Chronicle (Adelaide, SA), 16 September 1937, p. 60

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