[A rabbit drive] [3 July 1865]

[Editor: This item is an extract from the column “Current topics”, published in The Geelong Advertiser, 3 July 1865.]

[A rabbit drive]

Mr Austin, of Barwon Park, mentions the extraordinary fecundity of the English wild rabbit in this colony.

Six years ago he turned out thirteen; since then their progeny has increased to such an extent, that he has killed off his estate twenty thousand; and he computes that there must be on his property and in the neighborhood at least ten thousand!

On Saturday Mr Austin entertained a party of friends rabbit-shooting, and they bagged 169; the breach-loading gun doing great execution — as the rabbits were driven by the beaters from the hedges and long grass at the banks of the river — the sportsmen being able to reload them so quickly.

The Geelong Advertiser (Geelong, Vic.), 3 July 1865, p. 5

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