Long Ago [poem by Rex Ingamells]

[Editor: This poem by Rex Ingamells was published in Forgotten People (1936).]

Long Ago

Corroboree . . .
Corroboree . . .
Red fires all night:
Men in the firelight,
Twisting and turning
Under contorted gums.

Coo-ee . . .
Coo-ee . . .
Echoing over
The calling of the plover,
And the far-ringing notes
Of magpies at dawn.

Boomerang . . .
Swift-hurled boomerang . . .
Glinting with sun,
Killing the emu
On the run;
Felling the proud old
In dawn-dim grasses,
With dew.

Rex Ingamells, Forgotten People, F. W. Preece & Sons, Adelaide, 1936, page 4


  1. peter rego says:

    Long Ago [poem by Rex Ingamells] I’ve learnt this poem in 1969 and I can still remember every word of this poem.

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