Kookaburras and Satyrs: Some Recollections of The Fanfrolico Press [by P. R. Stephensen, 1954]

[Editor: This booklet by P. R. Stephensen was published in 1954.] Kookaburras and Satyrs Some Recollections of The Fanfrolico Press by P. R. Stephensen Talkarra Press 64 Young Street, Cremorne, Australia Of this book 225 copies have been printed This is no. 156 That burgeoning of adolescent enthusiasms, The Fanfrolico Press, was a phenomenon of […]

Norman Lindsay Does Not Care: An Outburst [by P. R. Stephensen, 1928]

[Editor: This pamphlet regarding Norman Lindsay was written by P. R. Stephensen.] Norman Lindsay Does Not Care An Outburst by P. R. Stephensen Fanfrolico Pamphlets No. I Price One Farthing Why should Norman Lindsay care if suburbia shudders with a horror which is really terror of his stark and ruthless presentation of the image of […]

Norman Lindsay: A versatile genius [by Aidan de Brune, 11 March 1933]

[Editor: This article by Aidan de Brune was published in The Cairns Post, 11 March 1933.] Famous Australian authors. Norman Lindsay. A versatile genius. (By Aidan de Brune.) Norman Lindsay, artist, philosopher, and novelist, is an Australian phenomenon. His fame is world-wide. Like Nellie Melba, he has surprised the world with the possession of a […]