Deduction [poem by Agnes L. Storrie]

[Editor: This poem by Agnes L. Storrie was published in Poems, 1909.]


Systems and theories fade,
Others are slowly made,
Life springs, and is destroyed,
Riot reigns in the void,
Yet under, without flaw,
Lieth the Law.

Types merge. A paradox
All rule and order mocks.
Confusion on confusion piles,
Death looks at life and smiles,
Yet under, without flaw,
Lieth the Law

Deep as the searcher delves,
Self within many selves,
Each contradicting each
Finds, past all human speech,
Yet under, without flaw,
Lieth the Law.

Nothing that brain can think
Passeth beyond its brink,
No matter, and no mind
Its boundaries can find,
A madman’s maddest scheme,
A mystic’s highest dream,
Nature — the thing we see,
And all invisibility
Answer without flaw
Unto the Law.

It is the base upon
Which rests phenomenon,
And since the Law by what
Or whom was it begot ?
Reason! stand and deliver,
Here’s Law. Name the Law-giver.

Agnes L. Storrie. Poems, J. W. Kettlewell, Sydney, 1909, pages 230-232

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