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The Burke and Wills expedition

The Burke and Wills expedition was created with the aim of exploring the Australian interior and finding a suitable path for the Australian Overland Telegraph Line (which would connect Australia with the rest of the world, in terms of fast communication, by linking up with the cable which was in Java, via sea cable, thus […]

Significant events (randomised)

The Ashes [cricket, Australia vs. England]

The Ashes is a cricket competition played between Australia and England. It has been an ongoing event since 1882, the year in which a visiting Australian team won a game of cricket in England. The origin of “the Ashes” as a term comes from a humorous “obituary”, regarding the English team losing … [Read More...]

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Under the Southern Cross I Stand [the Australian cricket team’s victory song]

Under the Southern Cross I stand A sprig of wattle in my hand, A native of my native land, Australia, you f***ing beauty! This poem is one used by the Australian cricket team as their “victory song”; to be recited by the team following a win, usually chanted in the confines of their dressing … [Read More...]

Brian Cadd [music videos and biography]

Brian Cadd (born in Perth, Western Australia, on 29 November 1946) was in two prominent Australian bands, The Groop (1966 to 1969) and Axiom (1969 to 1971), as well as having a successful solo career as a singer and songwriter. His main instrument of choice is piano or keyboards. Brian showed an … [Read More...]

Ned Kelly: Australian bushranger

Edward Kelly, commonly known as “Ned”, was born in Beveridge, Victoria. His exact date of birth is unknown, but it has been estimated to have been between December 1854 to June 1855. He spent several years operating as a bushranger in Victoria and southern New South Wales. He was finally … [Read More...]

Joseph Furphy

[Editor: This article provides biographical information about Joseph Furphy; for various works by him, click here.] Joseph Furphy is mainly remembered as the author of the novel Such is Life: Being Certain Extracts From the Diary of Tom Collins, which is widely regarded as a classic piece of … [Read More...]

John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan)

[Editor: This article provides biographical information about John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan); for various works by him, click here.] John O’Brien was the pen-name of Patrick Joseph Hartigan, who was born in O’Connell Town, Yass (New South Wales), on 13 October 1878. Hartigan was … [Read More...]

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Core of My Heart [“My Country”, poem by Dorothea Mackellar, 24 October 1908]

[Editor: This famous poem by Dorothea Mackellar was originally entitled “Core of My Heart”, although it was later re-titled as “My Country”. Published in The Register (Adelaide, SA), 24 October 1908; it was first published in The Spectator (London, UK), 5 September 1908. “My Country” was included in … [Read More...]

Son of a Fool [poem by C. J. Dennis]

[Editor: This poem by C. J. Dennis was published in Backblock Ballads and Other Verses (1913) and Backblock Ballads and Later Verses (1918).] Son of a Fool Gyved and chained in his father’s home, He toiled ’neath a conqueror’s rule; Bowed to the earth in the land of his birth; The Slave … [Read More...]

A Bush Christening [poem by Banjo Paterson]

[Editor: This poem by “Banjo” Paterson was published in The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses, 1895; previously published in The Bulletin, 16 December 1893.] A Bush Christening On the outer Barcoo where the churches are few, And men of religion are scanty, On a road never cross’d ’cept … [Read More...]

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The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers [by J. J. Kenneally]

[Editor: The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers, by J. J. Kenneally, was first published in 1929. Reproduced here is a copy of the 5th edition (1946). For many years, this book was considered the definitive history of the Kelly gang, although there now exists a wide range of … [Read More...]

Aussie: The Australian Soldiers’ Magazine

Aussie: The Australian Soldiers’ Magazine was a magazine created and published on the Western Front, in France, during World War One. The first issue was published on 18 January 1918; the 13th and final issue was dated April 1919. However, after the war ended, the editor, Phillip L. Harris, … [Read More...]

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Various books and booklets of Australian literature. [Arranged alphabetically by title.] Around the Boree Log and Other Verses [by John O’Brien, 1921] Poems by John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan). The Australian Crisis [by C. H. Kirmess, 1909] A novel about a Japanese invasion of … [Read More...]

Rock music and pop music [videos]

Australian rock and roll, singers, musicians, pop music, country music, and folk music; mostly pop and rock from the 1950s up to the present. Arranged chronologically by years of prominent activity. Johnny O’Keefe [rock singer, 1956 to 1978] Slim Dusty [country music singer and songwriter, … [Read More...]

Folk music and bush music [videos]

Songs Bound For Botany Bay Bound for South Australia Click Go the Shears The Dying Stockman Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees Singers [Years given are those of active performing or of prominent activity] The Bushwackers [folk music band, 1971 to present] Slim Dusty … [Read More...]

Early music [videos]

Music from the early years of Australia. Arranged chronologically by years of prominent activity. For music after this period, see the entry for “Music videos”. These are “music videos”, but not necessarily video footage of the artists. song: The Song of Australia [performed by various artists, … [Read More...]

Recommended poetry

Arranged by surname of author. C. J. Dennis The Austra——laise The Joy Ride The Little Homes The Play [from The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke] Son of a Fool Mary Hannay Foott The Future of Australia Where the Pelican Builds Mary Gilmore Nationality No Foe Shall Gather Our … [Read More...]

A list of significant Australiana

Architecture; Art; Bushrangers; Clothes; Entertainment; Explorers; Fictional characters; Food; Icons; Landmarks; Military; Music: Folk songs and early songs; Music: Singers; Music: Songs; Poetry; Rebels and rebellions; Sports; Stories and yarns. Architecture Australian War Memorial … [Read More...]

Timeline of Australian history and culture

Prehistoric 50,000 BC (estimated): Aborigines migrate to Australia (the estimated time period is subject to debate). 1600s 1606: Willem Janszoon, in the Duyfken (a Dutch East India Company ship), explores the western coast of Cape York Peninsula; some of the crew go ashore, becoming the first … [Read More...]

Significant events and commemorative dates

This page is under construction - more commemorative dates are yet to be added. 26 January: Australia Day Australia Day, the 26th of January, is the anniversary of the foundation of the British colony at Sydney, New South Wales, in 1788. In early years it was commemorated as the First Landing … [Read More...]