London [information received from Arthur Phillips on the First Fleet, 3-5 January 1788]

[Editor: An extract from the news section of The London Chronicle, regarding information received from Arthur Phillips on the First Fleet, during the voyage to Australia. Published in The London Chronicle, 3-5 January 1788.]


His Majesty has received intelligence from Captain Phillips, on his passage to Botany Bay, dated from the Brazils, which states, that he has had a prosperous voyage, and has only lost seven of the convicts since his departure from this country. He states his plan at large, which is founded in good sense and observation. He does not mean that any of the convicts shall be sent on shore, till a strong fortress is erected, in order to keep them in proper subjection, which the more effectually to confirm, the provisions are to be administered to them daily, in proportion to their industry in the cultivation of the island. The Captain writes in the most sanguine terms, as to the probable success of his enterprise, and hopes to see the time when the place shall be of more use to this country, than merely draining it of its degraded inhabitants.

The London Chronicle (London, England), vol. LXIII no. 4867, 3-5 January 1788 [“From Thursday, January 3, to Saturday, January 5, 1788”], page 24 (8th page of that issue; 1st column)

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