The Eureka Stockade [by Raffaello Carboni, 1855]

[Editor: This first-hand account of the Eureka Rebellion was written by Raffaello Carboni. A glossary has been provided to explain various words and phrases that may be unfamiliar to modern readers. Whilst most of the chapters headings are in Latin, the vast majority of the book was written in English (there are some instances where Carboni used French, Italian, and Latin phrases). As this publication did not have a contents page, a list of the contents has been provided so as to enable easier access to the text.]

Front cover of the 1947 edition

Front cover of the 1947 edition

The Eureka Stockade:

The Consequence of Some Pirates Wanting on Quarter-Deck a Rebellion.


Carboni Raffaello.

[title page]
Nota bene [preface]
chapter 1: Favete linguis.
chapter 2: A jove principum.
chapter 3: Jupiter Tonans.
chapter 4: Incipit lamentatio.
chapter 5: Risum teneatis amici.
chapter 6: Sua cuique voluntas.
chapter 7: Ludi Ballaaratenses.
chapter 8: Fiat justitia, ruat coelum.
chapter 9: Abyssus, abyssum invocat.
chapter 10: Jam non estis hospites et advenoe.
chapter 11: Salvum fac populum tuum Domine.
chapter 12: Sufficit diei sua vexatio.
chapter 13: Ubi caro, ibi vultures.
chapter 14: Flagitur vulcano si fulmina parata.
chapter 15: Nam tua res agitur, paries cum proximus ardet.
chapter 16: Loquar in amaritudine animoe meoe.
chapter 17: Arcane, impenetrabili, profonde, son le vie di chi die l’esser al niente.
chapter 18: Pecunia omnia vincit.
chapter 19: Una scintilla, sparasi la bomba, spalanca a multitudini la tomba.
chapter 20: Public meeting, held at the Catholic Chapel, Bakery-hill, Wednesday, October 25th.
chapter 21: Public meeting held on Bakery-hill, November 11th. Political changes contemplated by the Reform League.
chapter 22: Strike off a medal in commemoration.
chapter 23: Ortica Ballaaratensis: Prima.
chapter 24: Ortica ensis: Secunda.
chapter 25: Epistolam hanc misi, tunc bene, nunc valde ad opus.
chapter 26: The Monster Meeting. Bakery-hill, Wednesday, November 29th.
chapter 27: Divide et impera.
chapter 28: L’union fait la force.
chapter 29: Heu mihi! Sermo meus, veritas.
chapter 30: The Reform League, grappling with the right ‘stars’.
chapter 31: Si Cessi Il Pianto, L’Ira Si Gusti. Lo Schiavo Che Vuol Finir Le Sue Pene. Vendetta Gridando Al Dio De Giusti, Deve Schiantar Le Proprie Catene. Cuore! Si Vada, Vedasi, Si Vinca. (bis.).
chapter 32: Ecco troncato il canto per ritornare al pianto.
chapter 33: Mistero! S’Apre Mendacia, Violente Strada Maestra In Citta E Campagna: La Verita, Se Docile, Quadagna A Passo Lo Stradello Lentamente.
chapter 34: Quos vult perdere Deus dementat.
chapter 35: Ad opus concilium statutum.
chapter 36: Quousque tandem abutere, Toorak, patientia nostra?
chapter 37: Lalor stump, Bakery-Hill.
chapter 38: Un bon calcio, e la canaglia, stronca va come la paglia.
chapter 39: Disciplina, suprema lex in bello.
chapter 40: Beati qui sunt pacifici, quoniam filii Dei vocabuntur.
chapter 41: The Eureka Stockade. The Consequence of Some Pirates Wanting on Quarter-Deck a Rebellion.
chapter 42: Invanum Laboravimus.
chapter 43: La volpe cambia il pelo, ma non la pelle; Cambia la pelle il serpe, non il veleno: Il cane non abbaia col ventre pieno; Vestesi il lupo in pecora tra liagnelle. Antica storia; Ma senza gloria.
chapter 44: Accingere gladio tuo super femur tuum.
chapter 45: Populus ex terra crescit: multitudo hominum est populus; ergo, multitudo hominum ex terra crescit.
chapter 46: Non irascimini.
chapter 47: Non nobis, non nobis, sed pax vobiscum.
chapter 48: The things we ardently wish for in this life, either never come to pass, or if they do it is too late. Hence, “better late than never.”
chapter 49: Taedet animam meam vitae meae.
chapter 50: Narravere patres nostri et nos narravimus omnes.
chapter 51: Tota domus duo sunt, iidem parentque jubentque!
chapter 52: Quadrupedante putrem sonitu quatit ungula campum.
chapter 53: Turbatus est a furore oculus meus.
chapter 54: In vino veritas.
chapter 55: Non sit nobis vanum, mane surgere ante lucem.
chapter 56: Remember this Sabbath Day (December third), to keep it holy.
chapter 57: Dirigat dominus reginum nostram.
chapter 58: Veritatem dico non mentior.
chapter 59: Quis dabit capiti meo, aquam et oculis meis fontem lacrymarum et plorabo die ac nocte!
chapter 60: The Southern Cross, in digger’s gore imbrued, was torn away, and left the digger mourning.
chapter 61: Ab initio usque ad finem horribile dictu.
chapter 62: Tempora nostra.
chapter 63: Et scias quia nihil impium fecerim.
chapter 64: Sic sinuerunt Fata.
chapter 65: Ecce homo.
chapter 66: [Martial law]
chapter 67: Ecce amaritudo mea amarissima.
chapter 68: Condemn the wicked, and bring his way upon his head, oh, Lord God of Israel!
chapter 69: Vox populi, vox Dei.
chapter 70: Audi alteram partem. “Fair Play.”
chapter 71: The State Prisoners.
chapter 72: Is there a mortal eye that never wept?
chapter 73: Amare Rimembranze.
chapter 74: Della vita lo spello dal mondo sciolto. Al mondo vivo perche non son sepolto.
chapter 75: Petite, sed non accipietis, quia petistis.
chapter 76: Quid sum miser, nunc dicturus.
chapter 77: Requiescant in pace.
chapter 78: Homo natus de muliere, brevi vivens tempore repletur multis miseries. Qui quasi flos conterritur et egreditur; postea velut umbra disperditur.
chapter 79: ‘Souvenirs’ de Melbourne.
chapter 80: The State Prisoners.
chapter 81: Quem patronem rogaturus.
chapter 82: Victoria’s “Southern Cross.”
chapter 83: Initium sapientie est timor Domini.
chapter 84: Judica me Deus, et discarne causam meam de gente non sancta; ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.
chapter 85: Sunt miserie in vita hominus, viro probo dolosis circumdari! Nulla miseria pejor.
chapter 86: Coglione, il lazzarone in paragone.
chapter 87: Viri probi, spes mea in vobis; nam fides nostra in deo optimo maximo.
chapter 88: Sunt leges: vis ultima lex: tunc aut libertas aut servitudo; mors enim benedicta.
chapter 89: Melior nunc lingua favere.
chapter 90: Peccator videbit et irascetur; dentibus suis fremet et tabescet: desiderium peccatorum peribit.
chapter 91: Accidenti alle spie.
chapter 92-93: To let, No. 33, Lower Cribs, in Wintle’s Hotel, North Melbourne.
chapter 94: Explanation, to be submitted to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, London, and to His Holiness Pius IX., Pontifex Maximus, Rome, by my brother Don Antonio Carboni, D.D., Head-master of the Grammar School, Coriano, Romagna.
chapter 95: Qui potest capere capiat.
chapter 96: Est modus in rebus: sunt certi denique fines, quos ultrae, Citraque nequit consistere rectum.
chapter 97: The end of men whose word is their bond.
chapter 98: Sunt tempora nostra! That is the following from Toorak.
chapter 99: [Answer from Police-inspector Henry Foster]
chapter 100: Wanted — stuff, anyhow, for the last chapter.

Printed for the author by
J.P. Atkinson and Co., 79, Queen-street;
And may be had at
The office of J.M. Grant, Esq., M.L.C., solicitor, Collins-street ; of Muir Brothers and Co., merchants, Flinders-lane, Melbourne, and township, Ballaarat ; P.W. Heineche and Co., tobacconists, opposite the Town Hall, Melbourne, and facing the bridge, Main-road, Ballaarat ; G. Robertson, bookseller, 85, Collins-street east, Melbourne ; W. Patterson, gold broker, Geelong ; H. Seekamp, “Times” office, Bakery Hill, and John Campbell, “Age” office, Main road, Ballaarat.
December 1., MDCCCLV

Raffaello Carboni, The Eureka Stockade: The Consequence of Some Pirates Wanting on Quarter-Deck a Rebellion, Adelaide: Public Library of South Australia, 1962 [facsimile of the 1855 edition]

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