The Country I Come From [by Henry Lawson, 1901]

[Editor: This book of short stories by Henry Lawson was published in 1901. All of the stories had been previously published in four other books by Lawson:
On the Track (1900)
Over the Sliprails (1900)
Short Stories in Prose and Verse (1894)
While the Billy Boils (1896).
As this publication did not have a contents page, a list of the contents has been provided so as to enable easier access to the text. The contents list includes [in square brackets] the page numbers in which they were printed in this book, as well as an abbreviated notation of the book the chapter previously appeared in.]

The Country I Come From


Henry Lawson

An old mate of your father’s [pages 1-7] [WBB]

Settling on the land [pages 8-16] [WBB]

Stiffner and Jim (thirdly, Bill) [pages 17-27] [WBB]

The man who forgot [pages 28-35] [WBB]

His country — after all [pages 36-43] [WBB]

The union buries its dead [pages 44-51] [WBB, SSPV]

Mitchell doesn’t believe in the sack [pages 52-54] [WBB]

His father’s mate [pages 55-71] [WBB]

The drover’s wife [pages 72-84] [WBB, SSPV]

The bush undertaker [pages 85-97] [WBB, SSPV]

Coming across — a study in steerage [pages 98-117] [WBB]

The story of Malachi [pages 118-125] [WBB]

Steelman’s pupil [pages 126-133] [WBB]

“Board and residence” [pages 134-142] [WBB]

Two dogs and a fence [pages 143-145] [WBB]

Macquarie’s mate [pages 146-152] [WBB]

The shanty-keeper’s wife [pages 153-163] [OTS]

The hero of Redclay [pages 164-190] [OTS]

The Darling River [pages 191-207] [OTS]

A daughter of Maoriland: A sketch of poor-class Maoris [pages 208-222] [OTS]

The story of the Oracle [pages 223-235] [OTS]

The mystery of Dave Regan [pages 236-241] [OTT, SSPV]

No place for a woman [pages 242-257] [OTT]

Meeting old mates [pages 258-268] [OTT]

“A rough shed” [pages 269-278] [OTT]

Payable gold [pages 279-287] [OTT]

An oversight of Steelman’s [pages 288-295] [OTT]

How Steelman told his story [pages 296-301] [OTT]

William Blackwood and Sons
Edinburgh and London

All Rights reserved

This Volume contains a selection of Stories and Sketches from Mr Lawson’s ‘While the Billy Boils,’ ‘Over the Sliprails,’ and ‘On the Track..’ It is published by arrangement with Messrs Angus & Robertson, Sydney, and is not for sale in Australia or New Zealand.

Printed by William Blackwood and Sons.

Henry Lawson, The Country I Come From, Edinburgh; London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1901

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