Relation of a Memorial [Captain de Quiros reports on Australia Incognita, ca.1607-1614, reprinted 1770]

[Editor: This is a presentation made to King Phillip II of Spain by Captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros (a Portugese explorer working for the Spanish monarchy). It mentions “Australia del Espiritu Santo”, although Captain de Quiros was actually referring to the New Hebrides, which he had discovered and had assumed was the great southern land […]

[William Dampier’s account of his experiences of New Holland in 1688] [published 1697]

[Editor: William Dampier gives an account of his exploration on the coast of Western Australia (although Australia was then known as New Holland); being an extract from chapter XVI of A New Voyage Round the World (1697). Explanations for some abbreviations and archaic words have been given in the “Editor’s notes” section.] [William Dampier’s account […]