Nationality [poem by Mary Gilmore, 12 May 1942]

[Editor: A poem by Mary Gilmore, written during the Second World War, 12 May 1942.] Nationality I have grown past hate and bitterness, I see the world as one; But though I can no longer hate, My son is still my son. All men at God’s round table sit, And all men must be fed; […]

Lovers [poem by “E” (Mary Fullerton), 1942]

[Editor: A poem by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in Moles Do So Little with Their Privacy: Poems (1942).] Lovers To be unloved brings sweet relief: The strong adoring eyes Play the eternal thief With the soul’s fit disguise. He will not sleep, and let be drawn The screen of thy soul’s ark; They keep, those […]

Advance, Australia Fair [The Worker, 24 March 1942]

[Editor: As The Worker was traditionally a pro-republic paper, it is somewhat of a surprise to see “Advance Australia Fair” published in its pages, as the second verse is viewed by many as pro-British; although, it could be noted that the fourth verse, which might be regarded as even more pro-British, was not included here. […]

Australia Day [26 January 1942]

[Editor: An editorial from the Canberra Times during the Second World War.] Australia Day For more than a century and a half, January 26 has been the day on which Australia has been able to approach as the annual miles one in the march forward of a young and virile race. Compared to other peoples, […]