Thoughts [poem, 14 December 1941]

Thoughts While the blazing sun is setting, Somewhere in the golden west, And its last dying embers Attack the clouds with colored zest, Perhaps the harsher shade of crimson Or peaceful Pacific blue, Then suddenly, changing To tender shades of pastel blue, And a breeze comes off the ocean On a cooling errand bent, Then […]

Australian writers upheld [letter, 30 June 1941]

[Editor: A letter from Ian Mudie in defence of Australian literature, and referring to Rex Ingamells. Ian Mudie and Rex Ingamells were leading figures in the Jindyworobak cultural movement. Published in The Advertiser, 30 June 1941.] Australian writers upheld “Ignorant disloyalty” challenged To the Editor. Sir — In his reply to Mr. Rex Ingamells, Mr. […]

Australianists [review of Jindyworobak poetry, 4 January 1941]

Australianists. “Corrobooree to the Sun,” by Ian Mudie, Hawthorn Press; “Jindyworobak Anthology, 1940.” Edited by Rex Ingamells, F. W. Preece, Adelaide; “Eighteen Poems,” by Garry Lyle. — The Cloister Press. Four of Mr. Mudie’s poems appear also in the new “Jindyworobak Anthology” of Australian contemporary verse; they have all been printed first in “The Publicist.” […]