“Call All Hands” [letter, 21 April 1900]

[Editor: This letter was published in The Daily Telegraph, 21 April 1900. The correspondent wrote regarding the song “Call All Hands”, by W. T. Goodge.] “Call All Hands.” The spirited verses, “Call All Hands,” by Mr. W. T. Goodge, of Orange, New South Wales, which first appeared in “The Daily Telegraph,” have gone the rounds […]

The sorrows of fame [by W. T. Goodge, 12 May 1900]

[Editor: This article by W. T. Goodge was published in the Orange Leader and Millthorpe Messenger (Orange, NSW), 12 May 1900.] The sorrows of fame. [I ask the indulgence of the readers of the LEADER that I may ease my soul of a feeling of desperate vexation at an outrage committed by a Fiddling Jimmy […]

[After the rescue of the guns at Lindley] [22 November 1900]

[Editor: An item from the time of the Boer War. Published in the “Personal” column, in The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA), 22 November 1900.] After the rescue of the guns at Lindley by members of the Imperial Bushmen’s Corps a little girl, living at Parkside, forwarded to each of the small company of soldiers who performed […]

The Great Australian Adjective [25 February 1900]

[Editor: An article published in The West Australian Sunday Times, 25 February 1900.] The Great Australian Adjective. There is a certain word which is usually called the “great Australian adjective,” generally indicated in print by a ——, and extremely popular with bards of the bakblox in its boulderised form of “blanky.” This word constitutes the […]

The story of the Oracle [short story by Henry Lawson]

[Editor: Published in Over the Sliprails, by Henry Lawson (1900).] The story of the Oracle “We young fellows,” said “Sympathy Joe” to Mitchell, after tea, in their first camp west the river — “and you and I are young fellows, comparatively — think we know the world. There are plenty of young chaps knocking round […]