Australia Federata [poem by James Lister Cuthbertson, 10 August 1889]

[Editor: A poem by James Lister Cuthbertson. Published in The Australasian, 10 August 1889.] Australia Federata. Dedicated to Brunton Stephens. Australia — land of lonely lake And serpent-haunted fen, Load of the torrent and the fire Of forest-sundered men — Thou art not yet as thou shalt be When the false invaders come, In the […]

The Birth of Australia [poem by Percy Russell, 1889]

[Editor: A poem by Percy Russell, an English author. This work has been included in several anthologies of poetry. The earliest known appearance of this verse was in 1885.] The Birth of Australia Not ’mid the thunder of the battle guns, Not on the red field of an Empire’s wrath, Rose to a nation Australasia’s […]

Sir Henry Parkes at Tenterfield [25 October 1889]

[Editor: A report on the speech made by Sir Henry Parkes at Tenterfield (NSW), on 24 October 1889, which is regarded as one of the major events leading to the federation of the Australian colonies. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 October 1889.] Sir Henry Parkes at Tenterfield. Banquet to the Premier. A brilliant […]

[meeting of the Central Queensland Carriers Union, Barcoo] [10 September 1889]

[Editor: A report on a meeting of the Central Queensland Carriers’ Union in Barcoo, September 1889. This is an extract from a column of news reports, entitled “The Barcoo”, which consisted of various news items regarding the Barcoo area of Queensland. Published in The Morning Bulletin, 10 September 1889.] [Meeting of the Central Queensland Carriers […]

Ode to the Wattle Blossom [poem, 27 September 1889]

Ode to the Wattle Blossom. Hail! thou bloom of lovely spring, Golden emblem of delight, Entrancing thoughts around thee cling, Closing Austral’s winter night. Sweetest odour thou dost bear, Joys thou always bring’st to me, Hope-inspiring seems the air, Redolent of breaths from thee. Growth of plain or sloping hillside, Or of valley, nurtured fair, […]