The Australian Sepoys [10 July 1858]

[Editor: An article published in Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer, 10 July 1858.] The Australian Sepoys. — We perceive by the Darling Downs Gazette that the sable gentry are continuing their murderous and plundering career unchecked on the frontiers. They are even becoming facetious in wickedness. A band of black braves have attacked […]

Sonnet on Port Jackson [poem, 2 February 1858]

[Editor: A poem published in The North Australian, Ipswich, and General Advertiser, 2 February 1858.] Sonnet on Port Jackson. Fair haven of Sydney, thy waters are bright, Thy emerald banks are reflected in light, Fairy cottages peep from sheltering bowers, Rich gardens encompass thy vice-regal towers; Around thee a conclave of islands is set, Like […]