Rommel’s comments on Australian soldiers [1941-1942]

Following are some excerpts from The Rommel Papers (1953), which reproduces some letters from Rommel to his wife, in three of which he mentions Australian soldiers. Erwin Rommel was the German field marshal who led the German and Italian forces in North Africa during the Second World War. In a letter dated 25 April 1941 […]

Rats of Tobruk: Remembrance Day Service [7 April 1949]

[Editor: An article about the Australian and British defenders of Tobruk (Libya) during the Second World War. Published in The Townsville Daily Bulletin, 7 April 1949.] Rats of Tobruk Remembrance Day Service (Contributed) A day truly of remembrance is Sunday, April 10, for on this day in the year 1941, the mighty armies of Germany […]

Anzac Day

Articles, letters, and poems regarding the Gallipoli campaign, the Anzacs, and Anzac Day. Heroes of the Dardanelles [6 June 1915] Extracts of letters from several Australian soldiers. Australians at work: Brisk battles fought: Heavy losses reported [7 June 1915] A cable message from Major-General Sir Ian Hamilton, reporting on the fighting at Gallipoli. This is […]

The late Cpl. Roberts: Poem to his children [article and poem, 25 November 1941]

[Editor: Published in The Braidwood Review and District Advocate, 25 November 1941.] The late Cpl. Roberts Poem to his children Details contained in a letter from Vic Young to his parents in Braidwood describe how the late “Barney” Roberts died in the fighting at Tobruk. The dead soldier’s last letter to his wife told of […]

50 Jap dead for each captive [27 March 1945]

[Editor: An article outlining the problems the Allies faced with the Japanese military’s “No Surrender” creed during World War Two. Published in The Argus, Tuesday 27 March 1945.] 50 Jap dead for each captive From J. B. Davies, Special Correspondent of The Argus in New York The Allies are killing 50 Japanese to every prisoner […]